Important Things you need to know about Essential Oils:

Essential oils have Anti-Inflammatory & Anti-Microbial Properties:

Essential oils like Lemon, Peppermint, Tea Tree, Rosemary, Eucalyptus, Lavender and Grapefruit have anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory properties which make them an excellent addition to your cleaning routines for home and office.

Concentrated Plant Extracts and not Oils:

Essential oils are not really oils and they don’t have any fatty acids. They are highly concentrated extracts from plant with multiple benefits. However, there are few essential oils that are food grade and can be added in food recipes.

Easy Absorption:

Essential oils are easily absorbed by our skin and that’s why they are widely used in skincare, in body nourishing ingredients, for wellness and healing. They don’t get accumulated in our body over time so don’t worry about it. They just yield you the benefits and they pass through.

For Better Mood:

Essential oils are excellent choice for mood uplifting, stress-relief, soothing the nerves and healing. The nerve relaxation effect will help improve your mood, allow you to think clear by calming your tensed senses. Almost all of the essential oils from the top essential oil brands come with the above properties.

Essential Oils or Fragrance Oils?

Checkthe label and see if you find anything like ‘fragrance Oil’ or ‘added perfume’ or ‘perfume oil’ and if you see any don’t buy. Not all essential oils smell good. They are purely natural extracts so they’ll have their own aroma and if any thing’s added to enhance the aroma then it’s definitely a synthetic.

Single flower doesn’t yield you single bottle:

It takes pounds of flowers/plant to extract one single pure essential oil in a bottle. So by now you know how concentrated they are. It’s said that we need more than 1000’s of pound of Bulgarian Rose to get one pound of essential oil. That’s the reason for their pricing. Good quality essential oils don’t come at easy price.

Essential oils are not Pharma Drugs:

Yes, they have medicinal benefits and helps in curing common ailments but that doesn’t mean they are patented drugs. That’s why they don’t sell them at drug stores. Essential oils are like pure plant extracts ready to be used and all the details we know about them has been passed on from time.

Carrier Oils:

Highly concentrated essential oils can be harsh for your skin so that’s why we need 100% pure carrier oils. Diluting essential oils with carrier oils will not decrease their potency but they give double benefits including those from carrier oil. We can use few essential oils directly without dilution like

For Ex: You can use 100 % pure grape Seed oil, Almond Oil, Sandalwood, German Chamomile, Tea Tree and Rose directly on your skin.  Essential oils can also be diluted with 100% pure Organic Wax and Plant Butters like Beeswax, Shea Butter etc.

Kid-Safe Blends & Oils:

Essential oils are not good for babies and kids. They can be harsh on their delicate skin and can cause burns or irritations. We have reputed essential oil brands that have specially formulated ‘Kid-Safe’ & ‘Kid Friendly’ blends, diffuser safe blends, mood enhancing blends and single oils. So do buy them and use. Always keep the essential oils out of children’s reach no matter if they are kid’s safe.

Avoid Essential Oils during Pregnancy:

Veryfew essential oils like Rose, Sandalwood and Almond are okay to use during pregnancy and that too for your skin which needs special attention during that time. Not all essential are suitable during pregnancy. Don’t fall for the idea that essential oil aroma is good for fetus growth and other ideas as we don’t know how much it is true. Don’t take any risk. Consulting your doctor on essential oils and diffusing will be a good idea.

Patch Test is always recommended:

When it comes to essential oils, please do a patch test on your skin and See how it reacts. You can even dilute them with carrier oils and do patch test. See to it that you don’t get any redness, irritation or skin burn feeling. If there’s none then carry on.

Essential oil pricing:

If you’re going to use essential oils for cleaning purposes then go for less-expensive essential oils from brands. It takes pounds of source to get a single bottle so high price ensures you high quality essential oils which is needed for your skin, hair and body care or home remedies. Less or cheap price will reveal in their quality.

Hope we covered some ground when it comes to essential oils. Please feel free to share your views or say us the things we missed down below in our comment sections.

Posted on August 2, 2019